French Army

      Joseph Lesage, 1916

The following pages contain information regarding various facets of the French army of 1914-1918. To this aim, a broader understanding of the army the 151e R.I. was apart of -- it's organization, structure and operation -- is attained. Additionally, cultural elements have been included to better illustrate the daily life of the average French foot-soldier. Visitors can look forward to seeing this section grow more and more.

Please see the Recommended Reading for sources on the French army of 14-18.

General Information:

Structure and Organization:

Field Entrenchments and Obstacles:

School of the Infantry Soldier:

Infantry Combat Tactics and Operations:

Archive Editions of the 151st RI Unit Newsletter: "La Pilule Amère"

  • La Pilule Amère No. 1
    "Trench Journalism of the French Army" -- " '...We are all condemned...we are the sacrificed.' : The Mentality of the ‘Poilus’ in the Great War" -- "All Creatures Great and Small: Listing of the Uniform and Equipment of the French Infantry Soldier."
  • La Pilule Amère No. 2
    "Christmas in the Trenches" -- "Les Tranchées Françaises: Appearance of French Trenches in the Great War"
  • La Pilule Amère No. 3
    "A Brief (Unscientific) Study of Geology and Topography on the Western Front" -- "Winter in the Trenches: Cold, Rain & Mud" -- "Barda Brief: The Tent-Canvas"
  • La Pilule Amère No. 4
    "A Day in the Trenches: Fatigues, Patrols & Raids" -- " 'The burdens to be borne are formidable...': Relief Marches and the Gear of the French Infantryman" -- "Le Boire et le Manger: The Food of the French Army" -- "Barda Brief: French Army Boots"
  • La Pilule Amère No. 5
    "1915: The Killing Year"
  • La Pilule Amère No. 6
    "Poilu Slang" -- "Barda Brief: The M2 Mask"
  • La Pilule Amère No. 7
    "Poilu Slang" -- "Barda Brief: The Adrian Helmet"
  • La Pilule Amère No. 8
    "Poilu Slang" -- "The French Army in the Battle of the Somme, 1916"

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