Order of Battle in August 1914

At the time of mobilization, there were 20 "metropolitan" (or, continental) army corps in France (1st-18th, 20th and 21st), each composed of two active infantry divisions. Each of these army corps was based in an assigned military region, there being 20 military regions throughout France. The 19th Corps was based in Algeria and is not listed below.

North-East Army Group (General Joffre)

1st Army (Gen. Dubail)
7th Corps (14th, 41st Divisions)
8th Corps (15th, 16th Divisions)
13th Corps (25th, 26th Divisions)
14th Corps (27th, 28th Divisions)
21st Corps (13th, 43rd Divisions)
6th, 8th Cavalry Divisions
44th Division
1st Reserve Group (58th, 63rd, 66th Divisions)
Alpine Group

2nd Army (Gen. de Castelnau)

9th Corps (17th, 18th, Morocco Divisions)
15th Corps (29th, 30th Divisions)
16th Corps (31st, 32nd Divisions)
18th Corps (35th, 36th Divisions)
20th Corps (11th, 39th Divisions)
2nd, 10th Cavalry Divisions
2nd Reserve Group (59th 68th, 70th Divisions)

3rd Army (Gen. Ruffey)

4th Corps (7th, 8th Divisions)
5th Corps (9th, 10th Divisions)
6th Corps (12th, 40th, 42nd Divisions)
7th Cavalry Division
3rd Reserve Group (54th, 55th, 56th Divisions)

4th Army (Gen. Langle de Cary)

12th Corps (23rd, 24th Divisions)
17th Corps (33rd, 34th Divisions)
Colonial Corps (1st, 2nd, 3rd Colonial Divisions)
9th Cavalry Division

5th Army (Gen. Lanrezac)

1st Corps (1st, 2nd Divisions)
2nd Corps (3rd, 4th Divisions)
3rd Corps (5th, 6th Divisions)
10th Corps (19th, 20th Divisions)
11th Corps (12th, 21st Divisions)
4th Cavalry Division
38th Division
4th Reserve Group (51st, 53rd, 69th Divisions)
52nd, 60th Divisions

G.H.Q. Reserve

Cavalry Corps (1st, 3rd, 5th Cavalry Divisions)

War Ministry Reserve

61st, 62nd, 67th Divisions

Mobile Defenses of the North-East

57th, 71st, 72nd, 73rd Divisions

14th and 15th Region Reserves

64th, 65th, 74th, 75th Divisions

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