First-Hand Accounts of the 151e R.I.

The following pages contain narratives based on or taken directly from the first-hand accounts of officers and soldiers who served with the 151e R.I. in the Great War. Quotes are provided by letters and journal entries written by the men themselves, often immediately following the events they describe.

2nd Lieutenant Jubert's account was taken directly from his Verdun memoirs and was combined with Alistaire Horne's analysis in Price of Glory: Verdun 1916. 2nd Information on Lieutenant Campana's account was also found in Horne's work, along with Ian Ousby's The Road to Verdun. The last letter of Georges Le Balle was found at this site as part of a piece entitled "The Last Letter Written By French Soldiers Fallen On the Field of Honor 1914-1918," organized by The Union of Mothers and Fathers of the Sons Dead for the Nation. Corporal Laporte's account, meanwhile, was taken directly from his war diary, Journal d'un Poilu.

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