Roll of the 151e RI Dead

The following document is an alphabetical listing of the known dead of the 151e RI that was researched and assembled by Gérard Schutz (Vice President of Les Anciens du 151e Régiment d'Infanterie Mecanisé 1813-1997) in July 2020. We extend our profound gratitude for his tremendous efforts and for his gracious sharing of his research with our organization.

The information included in the listing includes: 1) Photograph (if available); 2) Last Name; 3) First Name; 4) DoB; 5 & 6) Place of Birth (Department, Town); 7) Rank; 8) Date of Death; 9 & 10) Place of Death (Department, Town or Foreign Country).

The 151e RI suffered at least 12,000 casualties between August 1914 and November 1918, including over 6,000 killed. Owing to discrepancies in record keeping, the exact number will likely never be known. For example, the official count of the dead is 5,423, yet M. Schutz was able to identify 6,041. Nonetheless, it is an invaluable resource and a fitting tribute to memorialize the names and faces present in this listing.

NOTE: due to the size of the file, you may experience a long load time.

Roll of the 151e RI Dead

A small selection of photographs of those killed.

AWENG, Marie Joseph Frantz (Capt.) 41 years
8th Co. - 2nd Bat.
Killed 8.22.1914 - Doncourt (Meurthe-et-Moselle)

BASTIEN, Eugène Joseph (Cpl.) 23 yrs
Killed 3.9.1917 at Berry-au-Bac (Chemin-des-Dames - Aisne)

BERTRAND, Joseph Raoul Eugène (Sdt.) 30 years
Died of Wounds 11.2.1916 - Hospital at Rouen

Le DE CRUZON, Marie Joseph Parent (Capt.) 36 years<BR>
8th Co. - 2nd Bat.<BR>
Killed 8.22.1914 - Doncourt (Meurthe-et-Moselle)

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PARENT DE CURZON, Marie Joseph (Capt) 36 years
Killed 10.17.1914 - Lombaertzyde (Yser - Belgium)

BREJON, Fernand Jean Pierre (Sgt.) 22 years
Killed 5.5.1916 - Mort Homme (Verdun)

DELIERE, Jules (Sdt.) 24 years
Killed 9.28.1915 - Aubérive-sur-Suippe (Champagne)

FRANQUEVILLE, Joseph Raymond (Sdt.) 33 years
Killed 10.24.1914 - Lombaertzyde (Yser - Belgium)

FRONTIGNY, Lucien (Bugler) 36 years
Killed 5.23.1916 - Mort Homme (Verdun)

GAYARD, Joseph (Sdt.) 30 years
Killed 9.4.1918 - Saint-Maur (Oise)

GROUSELLE, Camille Jules (Sdt.) 25 years
Killed 4.16.1917 - Gernicourt (Chemin-des-Dames - Aisne)

HAMEAU, Robert (Sdt.) 20 years
Missing (never found) 7.3.1915 - Bois de la Gruerie (Argonne) [Declared K.I.A. in 1921]

JUBERT, Raymond Armand Alexis (Lt.) 27 years
Killed 8.26.1917 - Bois de Chaume (Verdun)

Le Balle
LE BALLE, Georges Alphonse (2nd Lt.) 21 years
11th Co. - 3rd Bat.
Killed 8.22.1914 - Doncourt (Meurthe-et-Moselle)

LEVEL, Justin - (Sdt.) 22 years
Died of Tuberculosis 8.16.1917 - Hospital at St. Denis

de Mondion
DE MONDION, Xavier Lamothe (Lt.) 23 years
Killed 9.17.1917 - Bois des Caurières (Verdun)

NOLENT, René (Sdt.) 20 years
Killed 8.25.1917 - Ravin de l'Ermitage (Verdun)

NOUAIL, Maurice Joseph (Sdt.) 21 years
Missing (never found) 9.10.1917 - Bois des Caurières (Verdun)

PHILIPPON, Marc (Sdt.) 19 years
Killed 9.25.1915 - St. Hilaire-Aubérive (Champagne)

PORCILE, Henri (Asp.) 22 years - born in Paris, 15th Arr. (Seine)
Killed 8.21.1917 - Bois des Caurières (Verdun)

SEGONNE, Eugène (Cmdt.) 44 years - born in Paris, 7th Arr. (Seine)
Killed 2.17.1915 - Bois des Gruerie (Argonne)

SIMON, Louis Adolphe (Sgt.-Major) 33 years
Killed 9.25.1915 - Aubérive-sur-Suippe (Champagne)

TROCHU, Pierre Marie (2nd Lieut) 21 years
8th Co. - 2nd Bat.
Killed 8.22.1914 - Bois de Grandchamp - Doncourt (Meurthe-et-Moselle)

VASSELLE, Clovis Alphonse Désiré (Sdt.) 22 years
Killed 5.12.1916 - Mort Homme (Verdun)

WATTIER, Henri Constantin (Sapper) 26 years
Killed 4.1.1918 - Limey (Meurthe-et-Moselle)

WYCKAERT, Henri Adolphe (Sdt.) 20 years
Killed 7.2.1915 - Bois de la Gruerie (Argonne)

MACHU, Aristide (Sgt.) 22 years
Died of wounds 8.15.1918 - Juvisy-sur-Orge

DE LA FERRIÈRE, Jean Arthaud (Lt.) 22 years
Killed 6.6.1918 - Gornay-sur-Aronde

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