4 Citations in the Orders of the Army

1 Citation in the Orders of the Army Corps


  1. Citation in the Orders of the 6th Army, No. 436, January 11, 1917


    "Elite division which has played the most glorious part in all the most important operations of this campaign -- the Marne, the Yser, the Argonne, Champagne, Verdun -- under the energetic direction of General Deville, came to give, in September 1916, new demonstrations of its offensive spirit and brilliant maneuvering abilities on the Somme, in taking strongly organized and bitterly defended positions.

    The 8th, 16th B.C.P., the 94th, 151st and 162nd Infantry Regiments have acquired new titles of glory."

  2. Citation in the Orders of the 5th Army, No. 237, April 16, 1917

    Berry au Bac.

    "Elite regiment which came to affirm once again its reputation during the course of recent fights. April 16, 1917, under the orders of the brave and energetic Lieutenant-Colonel Moisson, it composed itself in perfect order into the assault against the powerfully organized and fortified enemy trenches. Taking the first and second positions under machine-gun fire and heavy artillery barrages. Entirely breaking the enemy counter-attacks and holding on to the conquered ground under an extremely violent bombardment. Taking numerous prisoners, taking canons and machine-guns."

    For it's second citation in the Orders of the Army, the regiment is awarded the Croix de Guerre by General Fayolle and the men receive their fourragère at Camp de Mailly on June 28, 1917. At the time, it was only the eleventh infantry unit to have received this distinction.

  3. Citation in the Orders of the 32nd Army Corps, No. 654, November 3, 1917

    Verdun - Bois la Chaume.

    "Regiment composed itself very well under fire. Under the command of Colonel Perchenet has checked the enemy advance and has contributed through its obstinate resistance broken the Germans' efforts."

    Note: This would subsequently be changed to a citation in the Orders of the Army.
  4. Citation in the Orders of the 10th Army, No. 344, November 12, 1918


    "During the course of very tough, sustained fighting from August 28-31, 1918, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Perchenet, has forded in quick action a river in the crossing of a town, despite the organized defense of the north river and the presence of numerous machine-gun nests placed in the houses.

    Has conquered, foot-by-foot and house-by-house, the suburbs north of the town, capturing it through three days of bloody fighting, from the point of departure to the subsequent attacks and holding on to it despite five enemy counter-attacks."

    On January 21, 1919, the regiment is awarded the fourragère for the Medaille Militaire by General Fayolle at Deux-Ponts (Zweibrücken), Germany.

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