Shared Accessories

The following items were not distributed individually to each solder but instead were to be generally shared either the men within the squad or company.

  • Brosse d'Armes ("Rifle Brush"): 2 per squad
  • Brosse à Habits ("Clothing Brush"): 2 per squad
  • Brosse Doubles ("Double Brush") - boot brush: 2 per squad
  • Boîtes à Graisse ("Grease Tin") - double-sided: 3 per squad
  • Marmite de Campement ("Camping Stew-Pot"): 4 per squad
  • Gamelle de Campement ("Camping Mess-Kit"): 2 per squad
  • Moulin à Café ("Coffee Grinder"): 1 for 2 squads
  • Seau en Toile ("Canvas Bucket"): 2 per squad
  • Sac à Distribution ("Distribution Sack"): 2 per squad
  • Nécessaires d'Armes ("Weapon Kit"): 4 per squad, plus one with each sergeant and quarter-master
  • Outil Portatif ("Portable [Entrenchment] Tool"): 185 per company
  • Lanterne ("Lantern"): 1 per squad
  • Couteau à Conserves ("Can Opener"): 1 for 3 men

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    Livre du Gradé d'Infanterie ("Infantry NCO's Book") dated October 1915.

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