How to Correctly Put On Leg Wraps

Nearly lost to time is the hidden art of properly fitting les bandes molletières, or "leg wraps" (puttees, in British parlance). Properly wrapped bandes not only ensure the correct look, but also a more secure arrangement that won't come easily unrolled. It all comes down to one crucial step: the folder-over.

The following method should be carried out with precision for straight-cut bandes. Those with a curved-cut do not apply as they have already been pre-manufactured in such a way as to make this method moot.


1) Pull the pants leg up so that the cuff is just above the boot, making a crease in the center of the leg and folding it over to the inside of the leg.

2) Begin to unroll the leg wrap, starting at the back of the boot, ensuring that the top cuff of the boot and lace knot are covered.

3) Make two normal revolutions. The space in between the bottom edges of each succeeding revolution should be roughly 1 1/2” apart.

4 and 5) On the third revolution, pull the wrap upward, then fold the wrap down over itself, making about a 45 degree downward angle. By doing so, the top edge of the wrap has now become the bottom edge.

6) Make a fourth revolution and repeat the same maneuver as done in step 4 and 5. (Note: the number of folds done to create this cross-hatching pattern varied. See photos from the time.).

7) Unroll the rest of the leg wrap normally. The final revolution should be just below the knee. Unroll the final evolution and wrap the cord towards the top half of the last revolution.

8) Fold down the top edge of the last revolution over the cord, concealing it from view.

Leg wraps

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