How to Correctly Tie the Cravat (Neck Tie)

The cravate, or neck tie, was a standard issue piece of the uniform that was to be worn at all times. It was made of calico cotton in a marine blue and 150 cm long by 21 cm high. The cravat was tied with a flat knot. To tie the cravat, first fold the cravat in thirds lengthwise. Then follow these steps:

1. Find the center of the cravat and place this against the center of the throat, with the bottom edge of the cravat along the bottom edge of the shirt collar.

2. Wrap the ends of the cravat around the neck, laying one side over the other, centered at the back of the neck (in this example, the right side). Ensure that both sides overlap flush with each other as much as possible.

3. Pull the ends of the cravat back to the front, then bring one end across the other (in this example, the left side). Adjust the cravat so that the end placed on top is about 2 or 3 inches longer than the end underneath.

4. Pull the end that is on top up and behind the cravat, between the cloth and the neck.

5. Lay this end back across the front. Adjust the cravat so that the knot lays flat.

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